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February 20, 2009

NATO expressed concern after Pakistan signed a pact

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BRUSSELS, NATO’s chief, Secretary-General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer said on Thursday that Militants fighting NATO forces in Afghanistan are also trying to destabilize Pakistan. “We should increase military-to-military engagement in Pakistan and deepen the political dialogue,” “I can say again that I believe the Pakistani government is serious about fighting extremism. What we need in NATO is to stop seeing Afghanistan in isolation and to start seeing it in a more regional approach.”

“That is why we deepen our cooperation with Pakistan because the same people are trying to destabilize the situation in Afghanistan and in Pakistan,” Scheffer added.
NATO expressed concern after Pakistan signed a pact with Islamists to introduce Islamic law in the northwestern Swat valley in an effort to take the steam out of a Taliban uprising there.

The problem, insurgency, militancy, fanaticism, and terrorism etc. all hostile elements of mankind.. I don’t see will reduce unless they realize the outer world and the freedom of human soul. The people in Middle East, Africa and Part of south Asia and where Islam has domain are mostly, maybe three fourth are ignorant, illiterate. They have no idea at all what life means and how to achieve it. From the very beginning religious leaders who see Islam as a means of military warfare and are greedy to find them as supreme power had made common people bereaved of knowledge and information. They have succeeded in doing so. They know how to use people as grass grazing lamb. They want them keep in dark and a ready human tool to be used.


One can see easily the mullahs are on their own indigenous way to spread Islam and they believe the only easiest way to reach their goal is making population, and grip the majority, wherever they live. They don’t follow family Planning or birth-rate-control, (you would find Muslim population growth is faster than any others, and in India also) everywhere in lower income group and upper income group their children are many. In lower income group they are not bothered also how their children will live. (to them Allah will feed, or they can earn and live how they can, no matter through trade and shedding labour). They are not bothered about the quality of living standard. The more number they produce the more number seeds of Islam are spread beyond their nation. At present Islam is superseding Christian population in this planet. Now westerners are fighting against Islamic fanaticism and terrorism, when Muslim majority will supersede there will not be left any chance to fight at all.  As soon as they will get majority they turn a country into an Islamic state. They are bold enough to apply Shariat law and other Islamic doctrines. Islam is a big threat to this age and non-islamic people. It has gone out of proportion to curb and control.

And grave problem is the Muslims are not taking it for granted that Islam is a threat to their future and dream also. And it is never possible to scale the danger that Talibans are posing.


Suppose this planet turns 100% Islam what the benefit Islam will give?  Will all Muslim be happy? No stealing , no adultery, No disquiet? No commotion? The contents what they preach. At present many countries are Islamic. They follow rules of Islam. Do they think they are happy?  Do Islamic jakat  and material contribution feed the Muslim  in dire basic need?

If you say ‘yes’, Muslims are happy in Islamic countries, and there are no stealing, deception, robbery, adultery, etc. what are mullahs content of preaching, than you are lying and evil.


The Muslims have seen the freedom and well-off position of European and American people. Every Muslim dream it. They ape their language, life style. Their freedom; They feel  jealous. They want to hijack it, destroy it by any means, by hook or crook.


It is not so easy! If you are not worthy and deserved for any position you can not keep it maintained far from improving. American and Europeans were not given readily their better position over a day and night, they have earned it by their reason of justification, knowledge and information throughout many generations. They were not stuck in religious scriptures. They had to come out breaking their fence of old, age worn religious scriptures and laws. They are not out to Christianize the whole world.  And other religious leaders also are not after the hype to convert the whole world and start a barbaric religious order that is thousand years old.

Look at the Islamic countries in comparison with western countries.  Violence, bloodshed and human killings are constant picture or phenomena in Middle East, Africa and south Asia where Islam dominates. Standard of living also worst of its nature. They live on the money of westerners and still they show their hatred towards westerners, such bigot and ungrateful.

Unless Muslims are not properly educated, abandon their religious obsession and do not deserve for better off position they will never improve their life. They will remain in misery. And this kind of misery or standard life is a threat to all who live among them and around them.


Pakistani Muslims are gradeing talibans  good, bad and worst. But Poison is poison, its actions are not acceptable. The people of Swat demands the imposition of sharia. They say that the peaceful and progressive people of Swat want to live under a Taliban interpretation of sharia – one that runs on terror, deprives girls of education and women of dignity, does public executions without trials, blows up schools and takes away livelihoods of the people.

By this scenario the civilized people understands the mentality of Muslim in that region how farthest level lowered.


Some thing we miss in understanding and realizing when we remain in contact with our close relatives. When one changes to be a criminal in work and deed day by day, Perhaps we deny to notice or think trivia and unimportant. Finally when we find him or her involved in worst crime on then we just regret. The same situation is with Islam. Muslims are in denial mood and though everyday almost Pakistan is bleeding by their own created monster still they are under such impression and influence that Taliban is not danger to them.   And they will never learn lessons till it becomes whole Taliban country.

This pact of peace treaty maybe a diabolic conspiracy against India, and USA covertly helping them.  Their (Taliban and covertly Pakistan) aim is Kashmir, They think it is possible to influence Kashmiris and thus the head of India would be theirs. And this is the way Islamists are spreading and occupying lands. The legal analysis say princely state  is been included in Indian sovereignty through legal process and channel. India should reoccupy PoK  and close this chapter. India is not  an unstable country with terrorist elements. Westerners  have been watching it and so, taking advantage out of it in Middle East and South Asia. First it was Afghanistan now it is Pakistan. They do it by money and creating a fight among neighbours.  So, tension will not reduce rather ignite a more gruesome war and killings. Rational Muslims should rethink about what is going on  and save their back


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